A few years ago, moving to India would probably not have been given much consideration. However, India has become a very powerful nation globally, both politically and economically. With a current population of nearly 1.14 billion, this democratic nation has the world’s second largest population. About 70% of the people live in rural areas, but a current influx of people to the larger cities of India is quickly changing that…

The largest cities of India are Mumbai (13.8 million), Delhi (12.5 million), and Bangalore (5.4 million). Moving to India may become more common, as many businesses are moving their offices overseas. However, before considering this move, there are some things you should know about moving to India.

As soon as you know you are moving, you will want to begin taking inventory of your home. Some things you will want to take with you, while you will definitely want to throw other items away, give some away, and sell some items. This process can take awhile, so it’s a good idea to write items down, room by room, so you can remember what you are doing with each item. It’s a great time to have a yard or garage sale to get rid of unwanted items and also make some extra money to help with the moving expenses. It may take some extra time, but with a little help from friends or family, you can put things together fairly quickly and sell them just as fast.

Once you have most everything narrowed down, you will want to contact an international shipping company to get some information. You need to ask many questions, such as what type of insurance they have to cover your belongings, how long they have been operating, and the names of some references from previous customers. Of course, you will also want to ask for an estimate, based on the information you have about what you want to move.

The moving company will also have questions that they may ask you, such as where you are moving, when you need your belongings moved, accessibility into your home, and rather or not you will need cartons, storage and help with your packing. They will want a list of the items you need moved so they can figure the square footage and volume. They may have to call you back to give you an estimate, to provide the time to get your estimate as accurate as possible.

It’s important to remember that you should get several estimates before deciding who you will allow to move your belongings. Call and ask the same questions to each one and take good notes of who you talked to and what they said. Also, be sure and call only companies who ship internationally. Local and national companies may claim to do overseas moving. However, they are not as accurate regarding customs, visas, permits and other regulations. You cannot afford to have important mistakes made regarding your belongings.

If you decide to ship your car, you will need to ask about this also. International auto shipping is actually a simple project with a few options for you to decide. The cheapest way to ship your vehicle is through Roll-on Roll-off (RO RO). This means that your car is driven onto and off of the cargo ship. This saves a great deal of money because the vehicle will be able to be moved easily and placed in a location that requires minimal space. Your vehicle can also be placed inside a carton, if you so desire. Although this is a little pricier, it will give your vehicle extra-special care and protection. The cost for shipping automobiles overseas is based on the size of your car, with it being listed as small, medium or large.

Once you have your shipping company set up, you can begin taking care of other important tasks such as canceling subscriptions and newspapers, making doctor visits, and most importantly, learning about your new country. Learn everything you can about the culture and lifestyle of your new country to help you make the transition. Moving is exciting, but it is also stressful. It will be helpful to learn as much of the new language as possible so you will be able to communicate with the local people. Their education system, neighborhoods, laws, and ways of socializing and interacting are going to be very different from that to which you are accustomed. Taking the time to study and learn all you can before moving will help make the move less stressful.

Realizing that it will take time and patience to get used to a new country will help you to relax and take one step at a time. You know that many changes are going to take place in your life, so take it slow and easy and don’t push yourself too hard. Soon, you will have new friends in a new country and loving every minute of it!

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Written by Einat Mazafi
Einat Mazafi is the owner of NY International Shipping, an International Shipping and moving company based in New York. She is also a specialist in providing the best relocation solutions to clients worldwide.