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Pregnant Flying – Should I or Should I Not?

If you are pregnant, you no doubt find yourself asking: Is it safe to… (exercise, take a hot bath, eat processed cheese, etc.)? One common concern during pregnancy involves flying. Is it safe to travel by plane when you’re pregnant? The answer, like most answers for expectant women is: It depends. While it is generally safe to fly when you’re pregnant, even into the third trimester, the further along you are in your pregnancy, the more concerns and more precautions you must take.  Furthermore, what is considered safe for one expecting mother may not be advisable for anther since medical history plays a big part in the decision as well. The good news is that if you are cleared by ...

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How to Strengthen Your Corporate Relocation Program

Since the advent of globalization, more and more companies are giving global assignments to select employees with the goal of developing their company overseas, filling functional needs, or training the employee for upper management duties. Face-to-face contact with competitors as well as with clients is considered a key to success in today’s economy, hence corporate relocations are becoming more frequent, both on a short-term and project-based basis. As a result, many companies are faced with the challenge moving essential staff from one city or country to another, between states and over the border. The challenge for employers is to ensure that your employees and their families settle quickly, happily, and effectively into their new locale. Whether it’s finding the right ...

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I’m Moving To Another Country: Can I Drive?

If you travel to Europe for a month, is it legal to drive? If you’re relocating to a new country for work, how long do you have to navigate tricky public transportation schedules before you can drive your own vehicle? If you cross the border to Canada or Mexico, will you still be covered if you get into an accident? These are important questions to ask your car insurance provider before you travel. It would be a nightmare to have an accident in a foreign country – for one, you may have to face overwhelming property damage and medical costs on your own. Second, you may face legal charges for driving without coverage. The answers to the questions are tricky. ...

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Pet Travel Checklist: Moving Abroad with Your Pet

So you’ve decided to relocate and can’t bear to leave your four-legged friend behind. Keep in mind that airlines have very specific regulations for transporting pets – from how you load and board your pet, the type and size of its carrier, the required veterinary records, and even the fees involved. The good news is that if you do your homework and prep your pet properly for its overseas adventure, your and your furry friend can look forward to a smooth takeoff and landing as you embark upon your new journey. Pet-Friendly Accommodations After confirming that the airline accepts pets, find out their regulations for transporting pets; small pets in their carriers can often accompany you in the cabin, while ...

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Got offered a job abroad? What to consider before the big move

Two huge life changes that can be stressful and difficult are relocating and starting a new career. What if you had to do both at the same time? In today’s global economy, we’re seeing more and more people head abroad to pursue careers all around the world in places such as The U.K, China, and Japan. Making that transition can be extremely difficult to handle, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. You have to deal with culture shock, get acclimated into a new work environment, and essentially completely alter the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. In order to help make that move easier for you, here are some great tips to help you sort things out when you get ...

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Picking Up the Pieces, one relocation at a time

When we got news of Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival, like many East Coast residents, we wondered whether the dire predictions would prove to be yet another false alarm. Little did we know that the storm would be all the meteorologists promised—and more. Monday, October 29, is a day we will not soon forget here at NY International Shipping. Hurricane Sandy barreled her way toward New York and brought opera­tions at the company to a grinding halt. With things at NY International Ship­ping unavoidably shut down, my husband David and I—co-owners of the busi­ness—turned our attention toward keeping our family safe. We had lost power in our home and were forced to take refuge at a friend’s house with our three ...

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