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Pregnant Flying – Should I or Should I Not?

If you are pregnant, you no doubt find yourself asking: Is it safe to… (exercise, take a hot bath, eat processed cheese, etc.)? One common concern during pregnancy involves flying. Is it safe to travel by plane when you’re pregnant? The answer, like most answers for expectant women is: It depends. While it is generally safe to fly when you’re pregnant, even into the third trimester, the further along you are in your pregnancy, the more concerns and more precautions you must take.  Furthermore, what is considered safe for one expecting mother may not be advisable for anther since medical history plays a big part in the decision as well. The good news is that if you are cleared by ...

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Tips for Packing Clothes when Relocating to Another Country

Whether vacationing or moving to a new country for a new job or new opportunities, there are several aspects that must be considered when moving one’s belongings to a new location. There are breakables to be packed, heirlooms to protect, and tens to hundreds of items that must be taken from one country’s borders to another. As it should, this can seem like a lengthy and elevated task. However, by following a few tips and outsourcing the help of a company specializing in international shipping, it is a task that can be made much easier – no matter where one may be moving to or from. Arguably the most important belongings, one’s clothes, can be some of the most difficult ...

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Got offered a job abroad? What to consider before the big move

Two huge life changes that can be stressful and difficult are relocating and starting a new career. What if you had to do both at the same time? In today’s global economy, we’re seeing more and more people head abroad to pursue careers all around the world in places such as The U.K, China, and Japan. Making that transition can be extremely difficult to handle, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. You have to deal with culture shock, get acclimated into a new work environment, and essentially completely alter the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. In order to help make that move easier for you, here are some great tips to help you sort things out when you get ...

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