No one could dispute there is something truly special about New York City – it’s why more songs are written about it than any other city. For hundreds of years, people from all over the world have been looking at the Big Apple as the place to escape to and begin the journey of fulfilling their dreams.

People complain that in a city containing millions of people they can’t find love, well finding the perfect apartment is even harder!!

Real estate and property game in NYC plays by a set of different rules to those used anywhere else in the world. It’s not just about finding the right place for the right place in the right neighborhood but the members of the co-op board also have to like you!


Sometimes conventional thinking is what brings people unstuck.

Consider this place.  This is a listing of Alex Mahgoub who is a good friend of NY Shipping. We love working with great realtors such as him.

Anyhow, this place is in a great location and is next to a dozen subway lines. It has city views, park views, comes with a doorman and is pet-friendly. For a newly married couple, it works but with only two bedrooms they may be concerned that a growing family means that they will outgrow the apartment.

Don’t miss out on a great apartment because you focus on the future at the expense of the present. You could have many great years in this place and then when you are looking for something bigger, you can parlay the equity from this place into the next.

There are also some people who make the mistake of being hellbent on living in a particular location. If you are adamant on living in the upper west side or upper east side this could come at the sacrifice of many other things which results in you paying more for less.

Even when one has unlimited deep pockets, it can’t be easy to find the perfect place, so how much more so when you don’t.

One of the ironies of the moving business is that sometimes moving a person from New York to the other end of the world can be easier than moving them from one part of New York to another.

Having to put up with things such as the traffic, parking, doormen and neighbors can be much harder than taking something across the Pacific Ocean.

When you find that perfect NY place, moving is the final step. You would like it be seamless and stress free as possible. We understand and appreciate the importance of what our part in the process is and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Written by Einat Mazafi