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Named the 4th happiest country in the world by the United Nations World Happiness Report, the Netherlands top tier ranking is probably a reflection of its high quality of life, relatively stable economy, and mild climate.

“Vibrant”, “alive”, “fresh”, and “open” are but a few of the words used to eloquently describe Amsterdam, the city of canals and bridges that is almost synonymously associated with the Netherlands.

Still, the Netherlands is so much more than just Amsterdam, with Rotterdam being the largest cargo port in Europe, and The Hague being home to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, as well as host to the United Nations along with New York, Geneva, Addis Ababa and Vienna.

Home to a relaxed and inclusive culture, The Netherlands has long been a country of social tolerance and is typically thought of as a very liberal nation. In 2001, The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Likewise, other controversial subjects, such as abortion, euthanasia, and prostitution, are legal. Finally, the country has long been widely cited for its progressive drug policy. Don’t, however, expect to find the mythological “Pot Paradise” you’ve likely heard rumor of; as of 2012, possession, cultivation and distribution of marijuana is illegal, even in the “coffee shops.”

An extremely direct culture, the Dutch tend to be quite frank and upfront in their interpersonal relationships. Many expats are initially taken aback by this direct approach, but once the culture shock has passed, it is easy to see that there is no rude intent, but only open, honest, forthrightness.

Approximately 87% of Dutch nationals speak English as a second language. New arrivals can expect to get by easily with the English language for a short while, though locals will expect you to learn, as they are quite proud of their heritage.  Many describe the language as a mix between German and English. Here are a few words and phrases to get you started:

Je Engels spreekt? Do you speak English?
Ik begrijp ja niet I don’t understand you
Hallo Hello
Vaarwel  // Dag Goodbye // Bye
Mijn Naam is ____________ My name is ___________
Hoe gaat het met je? How are you?
Alstublieft // Dank u wel Please  //  Thank you


Moving to the Netherlands

As with any move to a new country, there are a number of bureaucratic tasks that you must attend to in order to stay in the country as a legal resident.

Your number one priority when arriving in the Netherlands will be to register with the Gemeente (GBA), or local municipality.

By law, new residents of any city in the Netherlands must register within five days of arrival if they plan to stay and live in the Netherlands for more than three months. Likewise, if you move out of the city where you’ve registered, you must un-register upon leaving.

Once you have registered with the GBA, you will apply for and receive your BSN, which is the Netherlands equivalent of a social security or tax id number. You’ll need your BSN in order to put your name on the lease of an apartment, open a bank account, work, or conduct any number of other transactions that require you to have an identification number.

Unless you are a European Citizen, you will need to qualify as a resident in order to register with the GBA and get your BSN.

In most cases, international citizens will need a sponsor. Your sponsor could be a family member or an employer in The Netherlands.

If you do not have a sponsor in The Netherlands, you can start the Entry and Residence (TEV) procedure at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your own country or your current country of continuous residence.

Plan ahead for your move by sorting through your belongings and selling, gifting, trashing, or setting them aside to send in your international shipping container. Don’t plan to bring your car (it will be expensive to ship and import, and you likely won’t need it if you plan to live in a city) and don’t plan to bring appliances.

Finally, do your research! The Netherlands is a fascinating culture and there are lots of little idiosyncrasies you may find intriguing. Here is a great post to prepare you for life among the Dutch.


Living in the Netherlands

According to the consumer price index reported by Numbeo, the cost of living is around 75% in The Netherlands, as compared to New York City, NY.

Medical care is reportedly excellent, with little waiting time, and almost all doctors speak excellent English. Medical treatment, medications, and insurance are, however, expensive.

Housing costs are average to expensive, as compared to the United States, with a one bedroom, city-center apartment renting for around $1,200 per month. Be careful when searching for an apartment, and remember that if the flat is listed as a “shell” it is just that: a shell. No flooring, no appliances, and no curtains. Finally, be ready to pay a finders fee to a real estate agent, which is typically the equivalent of one month’s rent. This is not a deposit, and you will not get it back. Speaking of deposits, do expect to pay one of those, too.

Getting around in The Netherlands most likely means biking. Cycling is the universal mode of transportation, with the Dutch reportedly owning around 18 million bicycles (that is more than one per capita!)

Ranked by the European Cyclists Federation as one of the two the most “bike-friendly” countries in Europe alongside Denmark, 31% of the Dutch say that biking is their main source of transportation for day-to-day activities. The cycling infrastructure is sound, and there are around 35,000 kilometers of dedicated biking roads with bicycle traffic signals, which are segregated from automobile traffic.


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About Moving to Netherlands

The Netherlands, also referred to as Holland, is located in Western Europe just north of Belgium and west of Germany. Consisting of mostly coastal areas, the Netherlands have temperate cool summers and winters on the mild side. Aside from the coastal areas, when moving to Netherlands you may also find a few hills to explore in the southeast region along with rolling countryside elsewhere. The currency in the Netherlands became the Euro just before the new millennia. The Netherlands have a steady economy that relies heavily on foreign trade. If you’re moving to Netherlands you can expect moderate unemployment rates and inflation. Industry is somewhat limited to chemicals and petroleum refining, food processing and electrical machinery. As you may already know, Amsterdam is the capital. Amsterdam is a popular destination for tourists and is renowned for its prevalence of diamond cutters. It is certainly a good time for moving to Netherlands as it is currently in the wake of making excellent social and economic progress. It will be necessary for those moving to Netherlands to acquire a visa. Contact your local consulate to get more information on what the requirements are as well as the time frame. Keep in mind when moving to Netherlands that it can take some time to procure a visa, so make sure you give yourself a suitable amount of time prior to your moving overseas departure date.

Comparing Overseas Moving Companies

Prior to choosing an overseas moving company for moving to Netherlands you will probably want to do some sort of comparison to help you decipher which is the best for you. NY International Shipping has several tips for recognizing the most important characteristics of any reliable overseas moving company as well as an accurate way to compare rates across several companies. When it comes to analyzing overseas moving companies, begin by making sure they have all of the correct licenses, insurance and bonds. For example, NY International Shipping is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Next, make sure you ask for referrals. An established overseas moving company should be able to provide referrals from satisfied past clients. You may also want to pay a visit to prospective companies at their actual location. Never trust a company that does not have one to visit. Being able to see the way they run their company and speaking to them in person will provide you with greater insight than simply speaking with them over the phone.
When moving to Netherlands and comparing rates between several different overseas moving companies, make sure you do an accurate side-by-side comparison. You can do this by approaching it with the apples-to-apples comparison method. Simply get overseas shipping quotes from each company using the same details: shipping volume, shipping service, departure destination and final destination. This will enable you to review how they compare to each other based on the same factors. Remember, you want to choose an international moving company based on the whole package, not just their rates. Find a company that will not only help you to stay within your budget, but that also has a reputation of delivering excellence in the services they provide. Bargain shopping is not the best idea when moving to Netherlands and looking for an overseas moving company; sometimes you get what you pay for.
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Written by Einat Mazafi
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