moving to tokyo, japan


Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Working an residence visa
  • Form C 5360-2 for Foreign Nationals
  • Form 5360 for Japanese Nationals
  • Detailed inventory (can be in English or Japanese)
  • Detailed list with carton numbers and itemized goods in each carton for air shipments
  • Keys for trunks/suitcases
  • Delivery address with phone number



The following items are strictly prohibited in Japan:

  • Drugs such as heroin, MDMA, cocaine, opium, cannabis, psychotropic substances, stimulants and other narcotics
  • Firearms, ammunition, and parts of firewarms
  • Explosives
  • Materials used for chemicals weapons
  • Counterfeit or imitation goods including money, credit cards, etc.
  • Items which may be deemed harmful to public safety and morals (for example, pornography)
  • Child pornography
  • Articles infringing on intellectual property laws


Plants and Animals: Before shipping to Japan, all animals and plants must be quarantined prior to examination in customs.

Cosmetics and Medicine: Quantity restrictions apply:

  • Pharmaceuticals: equivalent of 2 months’ worth of product
  • Quasi-drugs: equivalent of 2 months’ worth of product
  • Cosmetics: equivalent of 24 applications

Weapons: Hunting guns, swords, air guns, etc. must have permits



Items are generally duty-free when brought for personal use, with the exception of certain cases. 

New Goods and Gifts: When the total value exceeds 200,000 yen a 10% duty charge will be incurred along with a 5% consumption tax (based on total value plus total of duty charges)

Total Values Below 10,000 yen: When the total value of an item or set of items is below 10,000 yen duty and tax does not apply and are not counted towards items subject to duty

Children’s Items: Children under the age of five (5) may bring personal items into Japan duty-free



Restrictions: No more than 2 oz of “pure” perfume may be shipped into Japan duty-free 

Remark: Eau de toilette, cologne, and eau de parfum are categorized as cosmetics



Restrictions: Both residents and non-residents of Japan can bring up to three (3) bottles (760 ml) duty-free

Remarks: Those under twenty (20) years of age must pay duty on all alcohol shipped into Japan



Resident Restrictions: May ship to Japan the following duty-free:

  • 200 foreign cigarettes
  • 50 cigars
  • 250 grams of tobacco
  • 200 Japanese cigarettes (in addition to the above)


Non-Resident Restrictions: May ship the following duty-free:

  • 400 foreign cigarettes
  • 100 cigars
  • 500 grams of tobacco
  • 400 Japanese cigarettes (in addition to the above)

Remarks: Those under twenty (20) years of age must pay duty on all tobacco and tobacco products shipped into Japan



  • Voltage 100 V
  • Type A North American/Japanese 20-blade plug

Remarks: Frequency in Japan varies as follows:

  • Easter Japan 50 Hz
  • Western Japan 60 Hz


Fore more info visit the Japan Customs Website.



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Written by Einat Mazafi
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