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What to Expect When Moving to Cost Rica from New York

If you are fortunate enough to be moving to San Jose from New York you probably already know that it is a paradise with plenty to explore and do! There is certainly no shortage of attractions—natural and man-made—in Costa Rica. From lush rainforests to acclaimed resorts, it’s no wonder Costa Rica attracts floods of tourist from all over the world. If you’re moving to Costa Rica you will be happy to know that the standard of living is pretty high and that the middle class is both content with the quality of their lives and educated. Located in Central America, Costa Rica has a tropical climate with a seasonal monsoon season. Costa Rica is very forward-thinking in many ways, considered an extremely green country and striving to be carbon-neutral by sometime after 2020. Costa Rica’s economy is supported by a number of different industries, many of which cater to the major contributor—tourism. Coffee is also another major source of income for Costa Ricans, which is exported all over the world. Ecotourism, which is characterized by traveling with as small of a carbon footprint as possible, is a new and thriving industry that is attracting a number of visitors to Costa Rica. Many people invest in real estate in Costa Rica, too. If you’re planning on moving to Costa Rica, it is a good idea to contact your local Costa Rican Consulate to discuss the different types of visas available. Once you have determined which visa suits your purpose in moving to Costa Rica, NY International Shipping encourages you to apply as soon as possible. Processing your visa application can take a great deal of time, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time prior to moving to Costa Rica.

How to Compare Overseas Mover Rates
As you search for an overseas mover you’re also going to want to compare their rates against others. NY International Shipping has found that the best way to do this is through apples-to-apples comparison. Simply request shipping quotes from all of the international shipping companies you are considering. When you do this, make sure you base it off of the same shipment volume, shipping method, start location and end destination as all of the other quotes you request. Once you have gathered all of your quotes you will easily be able to do a side by side comparison. Remember, it’s important to consider the big picture. Using the cheapest overseas moving company may not be the best idea. Consult your international relocation specialist on ways in which you can reduce your shipment volume or choose a less expensive shipping option so that you can stay in budget while also using a trustworthy overseas mover.


Air: Santamaria Airport, San Jose

Ocean: Port Limon (Atlantic Ocean), Port Caldera (Pacific Ocean)



Drugs, Narcotics, Weapons, Explosives, Pornography, Used Tires


Shipping Container Restrictions 

The only restrictions that must be upheld are those regarding the net weight of cargo allowed on the following containers: 

  • 20′ Container – Max. Weight Net 48,400 lbs
  • 40′ Container – Max. Weight Net 57,200 lbs

Remarks: 20′ – 40′ – 45′ Containers are acceptable to destinations in all cities. 


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents: A special permit (import licenses) from the Department of Health and/or IHAM

Customs Regulations: Duties are around 110% on average

Clearance: Five (5) working days

Remarks: Small quantities of alcoholic beverages are allowed for personal use. Any quantity is subject to duties.


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents: Original invoice and registration of firearm or weapon at origin are required

Customs Regulations: A special permit granted by the Firearms and Explosive Department must be applied for. Import tax is 141%.

Remarks: Any firearms or weapons must be for personal use only.


Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:

  • New items: Original invoice and OBL or AWB
  • Used items: List of items with actual value signed by customer and OBL or AWB. We recommend that no insurance or other declared values be evident on inventory or shipping documents.

Customs Regulations: Average tax is 45%

Clearance: Three (3) working days. Shipper’s presence is not required.

Remarks: All household goods and personal effects must be unloaded in a bonded warehouse for inspection by customs. If the original passport is submitted to customs, customers will be credited with $100 U.S. in taxes. All Costa Ricans that have lived overseas for more than two (2) years are allowed to import duty free (paying only an 11% tax) on all household goods and personal effects. Big appliances must not exceed one of each item. Customers must submit a letter from the nearest Costa Rican Consulate abroad, stating that they have lived more than two (2) years abroad. Tax exemption takes four (4) weeks in Costa Rica.

New Furniture

Customs Regulations: No limit on quantity

Clearance: Five (5) working days

Remarks: Taxes average around 35%


Pets and Animals

Required Documents: Pets require a Health Vaccination Certificate dated less than 30 days prior to arrival in Costa Rica.

Clearance: Three (3) working days.



Required Documents:

  • Original title if vehicle is new or a used pickup truck
  • OBL or AWB


Customs Regulations: Tax is as follows:

    1. Automobiles – 126%
    2. Pickup trucks – 77%
    3. Boats – 69%
    4. Motorcycles – 65%
A new tax law (August 2013) aiming at reducing the number of old cars on the roads amends tax rates as follows:
1. New and used cars up to 3 years old – 30% tax
2. Used cars up to 5 years old – 40%
3. Older cars – 53%

All used automobiles are subject to depreciation on the value. An average of 10% of depreciation a year is applied, for a maximum of 70% depreciation when vehicles are five or more years old. 

Clearance: Five (5) working days

Remarks: Tourists are allowed to import a vehicle duty-free for a period of six (6) months. Documents required are same as above, plus registration of the vehicle in the name of the person bringing the automobile to Costa Rica. In order to register the car and obtain license plates, it takes ten (10) more working days, but the shipper’s presence is not required.


  • Voltage 120 V
  • Type A North American/Japanese 2-blade plugs 

For more info visit the Costa Rica Customs Website.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote for moving to Costa Rica, please be in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Einat Mazafi
Einat Mazafi is the owner of NY International Shipping, an International Shipping and moving company based in New York. She is also a specialist in providing the best relocation solutions to clients worldwide.