Moving to Bulgaria from New York? Looking to get from the Tri-State area to Sofia?

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What to Expect When Moving to Bulgaria from New York
If you’re planning on moving to Bulgaria you probably want to know a bit about the country you will soon call home. Bulgaria, the capital of which is Sofia, is located in Southeastern Europe. Bulgaria’s economy has vastly improved in the last decade and a low unemployment rate, especially in the capital city of Sofia. Bulgaria can be a cost-effective place to live as the income tax is very low in comparison to the rest of the European Union. Though living in Sofia can be a bit more expensive in terms of rent and necessities, neighboring villages and towns are quite inexpensive. Bulgaria’s government has made leaps and bounds, moving from a once communist make up to a democracy. Bulgaria’s culture has been influenced by ancient societies including Thracian, Greek, Roman, Bulgars and Slavic societies. The official language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian, which is worth learning prior to moving to Bulgaria if possible as it will make the transition of moving overseas a smoother one. The currency of Bulgaria is the Lev. Consults with your NY International Shipping international relocation specialist on how and when you should exchange your currency for the Lev as well as where the best place to open a bank account in your new home is. Prior to moving to Bulgaria it is also important to contact your local Bulgarian Consulate to discuss whether or not it is necessary for you to apply for a visa. You should research the different types of visas to determine which is most appropriate for your situation. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before moving to Bulgaria as processing your visa can be quite time consuming.

How to Identify the Right Overseas Moving Company
If this is your first time moving overseas, you may be unsure of exactly what to look for in a professional overseas moving company. When looking for an international moving company you want to make sure you hire a company specializes in this specific area, experienced and has a good reputation.

Here are some helpful tips on how to find the best overseas moving company:

1. Pay Them a Visit – Consider paying a visit to each prospective company’s physical location. Not only is it important to make sure that they really exist, but it’s very different to see how a company works first-hand rather than remotely via phone and their website.
2. Reputation and Referrals – Review each company’s reputation and quality of service from several different angles by checking the professionalism of the company’s website, asking for referrals, checking third-party review sites, etc.
3. Credentials – Make sure that the overseas moving company you choose for moving to Bulgaria is licensed like NY International Shipping is as an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Also, make sure that all possible international moving companies are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as well as possess appropriately licensed and bonded warehouses.
4. Compare Rates – Compare the rates of the overseas relocation companies at the top of your list. The best way to compare international moving rates is to gather quotes from the companies you are considering using the same variables—same shipping volume, shipping service, origin location and destination. This will give you an accurate view of how each company compares to the others based on the same details. Remember, it may be worth going with a slightly more expensive overseas mover if they have a better reputation and more services to offer. You can always discuss alternate shipping methods such shipping as by ocean or you can try reducing the volume of your shipment to stay within budget.


  • Passport (copy)
  • Work Permit (original)
  • Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior with the identification number (Residence Permit)
  • Letter from employer confirming transfer (it must state how long shipper has been working abroad)
  • Letter of Attorney
  • Inventory (in English and signed and dated by the Customer)
    • Must show all electrical and electronic devices, brand names and serial numbers
    • Paintings should be listed and described separately
  • Letter of Authorization for service provider to deal with customs clearance verified by a notary


  • Household goods can be imported up to three months after Customer’s arrival


  • Machinery and equipment
  • Plants (Certificate of Health from the Ministry of Agriculture required)
  • Liquor
    • Two bottles of wine or one bottle of hard liquor (containing 20% or more alcohol by VOL.)
    • If customs authorities discovers more than allowed quantity, all alcohol will be confiscated
  • Antiques


  • Firearms
  • Drugs
  • Bulgarian currency
  • Tobacco products


  • One motor vehicle can be imported duty-free
  • Documents required:
    • Proof of ownership
    • Foreign Registration Card
    • Visa
    • National Drivers license
    • International Insurance Policy (Green Card)


  • Veterinary and Inoculation Certificate required

Please note:

The information on this page is intended as a guide and NOT as a complete or definitive resource. The information on this page should not be used as an authoritative reference. Updated July, 2005

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Moving to Bulgaria

Written by Einat Mazafi
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