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Querido David, Primero, me gustaria disculparme por la demora en mandarte, por escrito, las gracias por el service tan excellente y professional que tu compania nos ha proveido. Una mudanza siempre es muy problematica y uno tiene que estar pendiente de muchas cosas. Desaf ortunadamente, agradecerle a la compania que lo muda a uno pasa a ser una de las ultimas preocupaciones. Pero te prometo que no se no olvido NY International. David, conseguimos que eres un joven muy agradable y responsible. Los hombres que mudaron neustras cosas en New York, igualmente fueron muy professionals y contrariamente a otras companies de mudanza, fueron muy honestos. No se nos “perdio” nada y nada se rompio. En Buenos Aires, todo salio muy bien tambien. Los dos jovenes que nos hizieron la mudanza fueron muy cortes y muy trabajadores. Todos los papeles y documentos estuvieron en orden, no hubieron retrasos o complicaciones. En general, la experiencia fue excepcional. Y si, recomendaremos a NY International a otros. Te deseamos mucho exito y gracias por hacer nustra mudanza un processo facil y agradable. Gracias,


Antonio Fernandez
New York International Shipping BBB Business Review

International Ocean Freight

New York International Container Shipping Company

As an overseas moving company licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, we are pleased to offer exceptional international ocean freight services to our customers. We have spent years forming a network of relationships with some of the world’s largest and best-known steamship lines. This enables us to offer international container shipping across the globe from our company’s headquarters in New York.

What is International Ocean Freight?

International ocean freight is the shipment of goods via sea vessel. In other words, shipping containers overseas. As a licensed NVOCC, we are able to coordinate logistics directly with our preferred steamship lines—resulting in competitive rates and services. Container shipping is a cost-effective option for those with large shipments. However, you don’t have to have a large shipment in order to ship via int’l ocean freight. We work hard to consolidate shipments to make it easier for those with smaller shipments to avoid paying more than necessary. We offer both exclusive containers and consolidated ones.

How Does Shipping Container Consolidation Work?

If you’re shipping a small volume of goods, our professional movers will carefully pack your shipment in properly labeled crates, which will then be combined in a shipping container together with other clients’ cargo. This way, multiple small shipments can fit in a single container, reducing the costs for our customers.

Exclusive Shipping Containers

Clients whose shipments will fill 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers on their own will have exclusive containers during transport. We offer our customers the additional options of choosing custom crates, wood-free crates and other specialty crates made in our private facility by our own carpenters. These are meant to suit the special and specific needs of every client that requires them.

How are Container Shipping Rates Calculated?

Our clients are only billed for the actual volumes of their shipments. Final prices are based on the total cubic feet and weight of each shipment. Once shipments are packed, either by our movers or by our customers, they will be brought to our warehouse where they will be measured a final time. These final measurements are what we use to calculate the total costs. We supply the container shipping quotes in advance and make small adjustments according to the final cargo size.

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Required Documentation

You will need the following documentation when sending your shipment via ocean freight:

  • Copy of passport(s)
  • Customs forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Inventory list
  • Booking forms


Ocean Freight Container Shipping Process

Step 1: We will arrive on the scheduled pick up day with a trained, professional crew and truck.

Step 2: The crew will make a detailed inventory list of all of customer goods to be packed prior to loading/packing.

Step 3: The truck is loaded at the customer’s residence and then either brought to the warehouse for storage or consolidation prior to shipping.

Step 4: The shipment will be loaded into an Ocean Freight carrier.

Step 5: Once the shipment has been delivered to the destination port and cleared customs, we will deliver your shipment to your new residence.

Step 6: The shipment will be unpacked at your new residence and all packing debris will be removed.  Contact us for information regarding our container shipping services.

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