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Tips for Packing Clothes when Relocating to Another Country

Whether vacationing or moving to a new country for a new job or new opportunities, there are several aspects that must be considered when moving one’s belongings to a new location. There are breakables to be packed, heirlooms to protect, and tens to hundreds of items that must be taken from one country’s borders to another. As it should, this can seem like a lengthy and elevated task. However, by following a few tips and outsourcing the help of a company specializing in international shipping, it is a task that can be made much easier – no matter where one may be moving to or from. Arguably the most important belongings, one’s clothes, can be some of the most difficult ...

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Picking Up the Pieces, one relocation at a time

When we got news of Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival, like many East Coast residents, we wondered whether the dire predictions would prove to be yet another false alarm. Little did we know that the storm would be all the meteorologists promised—and more. Monday, October 29, is a day we will not soon forget here at NY International Shipping. Hurricane Sandy barreled her way toward New York and brought opera­tions at the company to a grinding halt. With things at NY International Ship­ping unavoidably shut down, my husband David and I—co-owners of the busi­ness—turned our attention toward keeping our family safe. We had lost power in our home and were forced to take refuge at a friend’s house with our three ...

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