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Relocating To a New Country Part1: Preparation

The first out of a three posts series about relocating Relocating to a new country is a big deal. While excitement is initially high over the anticipated overseas adventure or the promise a new life halfway around the world, reality soon hits home and you find yourself facing a myriad of questions, an endless list of thing to do, and not enough time or answers to allow you to breathe easy. If the prospect of moving is getting you down, cheer up, because help is on the way! To help you prepare for relocation, we have put together a great list of tips, tricks, and expert advice on how to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. To ...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Moving to a New Country

Moving to a new country is a great opportunity to pack your bags with some fresh resolve and leave your bad habits and old baggage behind. The fact is that every New Year, millions of people are brimming with resolve as December 31st rolls around, setting goals for the year ahead and concocting grand schemes for the changes they intend to make. Yet by January 31st, only one month later, less than 10% of all these people have turned their resolutions into a reality. While change is difficult, behavior experts claim that moving to new surroundings has the potential to not only influence who we are, but can help us become the people we want to be. If you are ...

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