Welcome to Your Expat Honeymoon

It has been three months since you have landed in your new host country. Time has probably passed very fast. This is the initial “honeymoon” period of your overseas move where everything is both new and exciting. You likely feel like you are making a new discovery each day. It is all an adventure, the food, your new coworkers, learning about local customs and etiquettes and the most fun of all is that you get to play tourist. Wouldn’t it be great if this stays like this for the entire assignment? There is that possibility with a little awareness and foresight. For the moment, however, the best plan is to savor the differences and enjoy all the perks that have ...

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Five Recommended Methods of Moving Currency Overseas

As the global economy moves into the digital world, it may seem logical – if only for the sake of convenience – that you would use some sort of electronic transfer system to move your money when you move overseas. Traditional cash, bank checks and other “paper” solutions may seem archaic when money can be transferred at the speed of light across the oceans. But, depending on your specific situation, there my be good reason to use these dinosaurs of the money transferring world. Today, we’ll take a look at five ways to get your money where it needs to go with the least amount of hassle. Your Current Financial Institution If the bank you use in your home country ...

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Are You Ready to Teach Overseas?

One thing you simply cannot do without when you move overseas is an income. A teaching job can be a plumb way to achieve your dream of life abroad, but you have to know how to go about getting one. Here are our tips to help get you on your way.   Decide on a location If you really love a specific locale and you’ve always dreamed of living there, teaching may only be a means to an end for you. However, if you’re looking for a very specific type of experience – for example, you want to make a charitable difference, or you want to earn enough to save money before coming back to the United States – you’ll ...

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Shipping Containers – Revisited

You might be feeling concerned about shipping your belongings overseas. What if they don’t properly pack that oddly shaped, antique lamp you inherited from your Aunt Edna when she passed? You might be surprised to learn that there are actually around seventeen million intermodal containers (also called ISO {International Standards Organization} Containers, freight containers, shipping containers, conex boxes, high cube containers, and sea cans) in the world that are of varying kinds, and sizes, to suit every different kind of cargo. They come at two standard lengths: 20′ and 40′. An Intermodal container is a standardized, multi-use steel box that is intended for the safe, efficient and secure storage and transport of products and materials within a worldwide “containerized intermodal ...

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Are You Considering Moving Overseas?

I Always Wanted to Live Abroad. What about You? I knew that I always wanted to live abroad. Following a safari to Kenya in 1989 I was hooked on adventure. What I did not realize was that I would begin to crave new experiences and international travel. This became patently clear after a stint working in Latin America in 1992. By the time I returned to my home state of New Hampshire I recognized that something was very different. Me. I then began asking the question “where to next?” The answers involved travel across the United States. From Miami to Anchorage, Salt Lake to DC. Living in each place was great; however, the burning desire to have an overseas adventure ...

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How to Prepare for Life in Germany

Germany is a beautiful and fascinating place to live. If you enjoy taking long walks through romantic cities, sipping coffee at picturesque cafes, enjoying a tall beer and Bratwurst with friends, perusing old shops and bookstores, and viewing beautiful European architecture from cobblestone streets, you will be quite happy here. That said, moving to Germany can be quite an adjustment. Here are some tips to help make the transition smoother. Learn at least a few key phrases in German. This is good advice for anyone relocating to any place where a foreign language is spoken. However, people in Germany tend to be very reserved. The simple attempt to speak German is much appreciated, and will likely earn you a friendlier ...

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How to Save Money on Moving Overseas

Moving overseas is a daunting yet exciting endeavor that will give you the opportunity to see and experience something completely new in an intimate way. While moving abroad may be a great decision for your career, your family, or your spirit of adventure, it can be a bit hard on the wallet. There are all kinds of expenses, from packing, to shipping your belongings, to putting down a rental deposit or down payment on a house, and buying a car. Fortunately, there are some common-sense ways to ease the cost of your NYC international moving expenses so that you will have a little money left in your pocket for exploring your hometown. Don’t purchase boxes. Brand-new boxes are pricey, especially when ...

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How to Prepare For Life in Finland

Finland is a beautiful and storied country, and the Finnish are justifiably proud of their rich heritage. While reserved in nature, Finns are warm, welcoming and accepting of foreigners, especially those who take an interest in Finnish culture and history. Finland is a relatively easy place to navigate and live, particularly for those already familiar with a European lifestyle, but there are some things to keep in mind that will help you adjust as smoothly as possible. Greetings are short and sweet. Finns – men and women — greet each other with a brief, firm handshake, accompanied by direct eye contact and possibly a nod. In the US, one might also touch the person they are shaking hands with on ...

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How Will Hosting the 2014 World Cup Affect Brazil. Will It Suffer From "World Cup Effect"?

Brazil, the host nation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament to be held June 12 – July 13, 2014, is anticipating $11 billion USD in revenue from the popular event – an amount that is more than 20 times what was earned by South Africa when it hosted the event in 2010. The event in South Africa drew far fewer visitors than anticipated. In fact, the attendance rate in South Africa was just under 69 percent of what was anticipated. Although the event left South Africa with just $513 million in total revenue generated, tourism industry groups are estimating that roughly 600,000 people will visit Brazil during the World Cup and will spend a combined $2.6 billion. Estimates by ...

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