International Move to Israel a Testimonial by Ruthie and Avishai Nissim

Dear David, First of all, let us apologize for the delay in writing to you to thank you for the excellent personal and professional service. You know when you make Aliya, lots of things need to be taken care of and unfortunately thanking your movers is “moved” to last spot. However, we did not forget about NY International. We found you, David, to be a very pleasant and nice young man. Your movers worked very hard and contrary to most other moving companies, they were very honest. We did not lose anything, [and] nothing was “misplaced,” [or] broken. The delivery in Israel went very well [as well]. [The] two Russian gentlemen [were both] polite [and] hard working guys. All in ...

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International Move to France

Dear David, Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided for us in the New York. We are really happy about how everything went. The movers were on time, very professional and courteous. They dealt with some last minute changes we made with great patience and they were eager to help us. We hope that the French team will be as good as your guys!  Theirry and Sylvia Buch

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International Move to Argentina a Testimonial by Antonio Fernandez

Querido David, Primero, me gustaria disculparme por la demora en mandarte, por escrito, las gracias por el service tan excellente y professional que tu compania nos ha proveido. Una mudanza siempre es muy problematica y uno tiene que estar pendiente de muchas cosas. Desaf ortunadamente, agradecerle a la compania que lo muda a uno pasa a ser una de las ultimas preocupaciones. Pero te prometo que no se no olvido NY International. David, conseguimos que eres un joven muy agradable y responsible. Los hombres que mudaron neustras cosas en New York, igualmente fueron muy professionals y contrariamente a otras companies de mudanza, fueron muy honestos. No se nos “perdio” nada y nada se rompio. En Buenos Aires, todo salio muy ...

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International Move to Israel a Testimonial from iMesh

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude for the services offered by NY International Shipping, namely David Mazafi. The overseas relocation of our employees takes an integral part in our success in having our employees able to operate in their new location immediately. NY International Shipping has done a perfect job in offering us the services we required. Their customer service, response time, packing services, willingness to provide assistance beyond the scope of their services [were impeccable]. David Mazafi and his staff attended to our needs every time we requested a new requirement, as things kept shifting in our relocation plans. We will continue to use their services and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking ...

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International Move To UK Testimonial by Nicholas Brawer

To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to recommend the services of New York International Shipping. David Mazafi and his staff are honest, courteous and efficient and their services are competitively priced. I have worked with David for over two years and his work has always exceeded my expectations. Sincerely, Nicholas Brawer Luxury African Travel, Luggage, Clothing & Campaign Furniture

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